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  • Modern Hardware Support: USB, Ethernet, 3D Graphic Cards, CDRW support, sound cards
  • Updated interface
  • Fully rewritten Exec SG kernel
  • TCP-IP stack
  • New Apps and viewers
  • New tools for developers


AmigaOS 4.0 runs on:

  • Amiga 3000 with CyberstormPPC board
  • Amiga 4000 with Cyberstorm PPC board
  • Amiga 1200 with Blizzard PPC board
  • A graphic card is strongly recommended


The packaging includes:

  • 1 printed "Quickstart/Install Guide"
  • 1 Boot Floppy
  • Installation CD

AmigaOS 4.0 is currently available for your Amiga 1200 equipped with BlizzardPPC and Amiga 3000(T) or 4000(T) equipped with CyberstormPPC expansion boards!

The biggest upgrade to the Amiga Operating System is available also for "classic" Amigas. You will have modern hardware support, an updated interface, completely rewritten Exec kernel, an internet access suite, new applications and viewers and many other improvements.

This product is no longer available. Get AmigaOS 4.1 instead.

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