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  • Intelligent memory paging uses disk-based virtual memory only when you need it.
  • Hardware compositing engine (ATI Radeon™ 1xx and 2xx family) with software fallback.
  • Implementation of the “Cairo” device-independent 2D rendering libraries.
    Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) support for greater digital camera compatibility.
  • JXFS 64-bit filesystem for multi-terabyte drives with universal notification support & auto expunge / reload of updated disk resources.
  • Updated Workbench functionality including improved 3D hardware accelerated screen dragging.
  • ...and Much more!


AmigaOS 4.1 runs on:

  • Sam460ex
  • Sam440ep
  • Sam440ep-flex
  • Pegasos 2
  • AmigaOne XE
  • AmigaOne SE
  • MicroA1
  • Amiga Classic


The packaging includes:

  • 1 printed "Quickstart Guide"
  • 1 printed "Install Guide"
  • Installation CD

This new version of AmigaOS takes all the features that made the original AmigaOS great, and updates them with the latest requirements for cross-platform 21st century computing devices of all kinds. From desktop computers to mobile hardware, AmigaOS 4.1 delivers a uniquely accessible, powerful, and above all, fun way to use technology.

Since the introduction of the AMIGA computer system in 1985, AmigaOS has always been ahead of its time. Many of its features have been copied by other Operating Systems, whilst many other features remain unique to AmigaOS.

Read the official website to understand why users say “Only Amiga makes it possible”.

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