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Thu, 12 May 2022

Fifteen years of Sam440ep

Dear customers,

It was the year 2007 when we introduced our first “baby”, the Sam440ep. Fifteen years ago. We designed and produced the Sam440ep, a lovely mini-itx motherboard that many enjoyed running AmigaOS 4, AROS and Linux.

At that time, we, a bunch of mad amigans, resolved to do our best to bring this hardware to life for all the Amiga Community because it was in dire need of a new computer platform to run AmigaOS.

Without the Sam440ep, the future of AmigaOS would have been very difficult.

After all these years, just as the latest batch of Sam460ex LE is being produced, we choose to release the electrical schematics of the Sam440ep to the community.

We hope many of you will be happy to see one of the first image of our first project.

Sam440ep schematics