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MDVKIT7P development kit

Development kit featuring:

• Display 7” 800 x 480 with resistive 4 wire touch screen.

• 12V power supply

• CPU MCDM37xx wth AM3715 processor

• 256Mbyte LPDDR.

• 256Mbyte Flash nand

• Dual Ethernet 10/100

• Amplified audio output

• Audio input

• TVout composite video and S-Video

• uSD Connector

• Cable kit and power supply 12V

MDVKIT7P-monitor fronte.jpg

MDVKIT7P-monitor fronte.jpg

MDVKIT7P-monitor fronte.jpg



Data brief


Hardware Manual


The MCAM335x supports family of ARM processors Sitara ™ AM335x ® Cortex ™-A8 processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) up to 720MHz with a rich 2D/3D graphics accelerator, DDR3 memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. The MCAM335x offers a selection of powerful and flexible for the full range of applications.


• CPU Sitara ™ AM335x Texas instrument ARM ® Cortex ™-A8 (TI) up to 720MHz

• Pinout compatible with CPUs Mas MCDM37xx.

• Nand Flash up to 1GBytes

• RAM DDR3 256-512MBytes at 606 Mhz

• LCD interface - Parallel RGB up to 1400x1050 at 24bit

• RAM DDR3 256-512MBytes up to 606 Mhz

• On board uSD connector for HS/HC interface.

• Up to two SD/SDIO interfaces

• One Ethernet 10/100 Mbits

• One Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbits

• Up to two CAN Bus 2.0 interfaces

• Two USB HS 2.0 interfaces

• 3 serial ports

- One RS232

- Two TTL up to 3.6Mbps

• 4 wire Touch screen interface on board

• Integrated codec audio.

• WIFI/Bluetooth Tiwi-R2 on Board.

- 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

- Bluetooth 2.1+EDR radio

• Boot from SD and Nand Flash

• Power requirements 3,3V (5V upon request).

• Operating temperature -20 + 85

• Dim 80 x 60mm

mcam335 piatta retroombra




Data brief


Hardware and software manual


Matrix user's guide



• CPU Texas Instruments DM37xx and AM37xx up to 1 Ghz

• Nand Flash up to 1 Gbyte

• RAM LPDDR up to 256 Mbytes

• SD HS/HC on uSD connector

• SD on Board to Board connector

• LCD 24 bit (3,3V) up to 2048 x 2048

• Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

• CAN Bus 2.0


• 2 USB HS 2.0

• 4 wire Touch screen interface on board

• Audio Interface.

• Boot of SD and nand flash

• Supply 3,3V (5V or 9-36V optional)

• Temperature -40 + 85

Linux Embedded Kernel 2.6.32

Angstrom linux ready Android 2.2 (Froyo) ready http://twitpic.com/3xfgrf Qt Embedded 4.2 with Matrix Gui




DM37X Carrier

Data brief


Carrier DM37xx Hardware and software manual


Modular system designed to accept MASelettronica’s CPU boards MCDM37xx, MC9M10, MC6410 and MC9263.

Main technical characteristics:

• Board to board connectors to the CPU MCDM37xx or MCAM335x

• Power supply range 9–36V

• LiIon and LiPol battery connector with integrated Battery Charger and Gas Gauge

• 2 Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s interfaces

• Audio Out: 1 Class D amplified output and one Line Out

• Audio In: Line In and Microphone Input

• Video interfaces:

• - Composite and S-Video Analog Video Out

• - TTL and LVDS 24bit LCD interface

• - Direct Digital Image Sensor interface

• 2 programmable multi standard (RS232/422/485) serial ports

• USB ports:

• - Two USB host High Speed

• - One USB OTG port

• Connector for MGSM and MUMTS modules

• Connector for WiFi, Bluetooth® and ZigBee® modules

• CPU External Bus connection though Board to board connector (eventual FPGA module)

• Board dimensions 150mm x 108mm

• Temperature range -40°C +85°C

MCBE Embedded Carrier Board

New MCBE embedded carrier board for mobile or space critical applications in small size 90mm x 60mm

Supports MCDM37xx cpu and newer (MCAM335xx)


• Board to board connectors to the CPU MCDM37xx or MCAM335x

• Lan 10/100 interface

• USB 2.0

• LCD 3,5” 320 x 240 interface with touch screen integrated

• CAN bus 2.0 interface

• RS232 or 485 selectable

• Connector interface to Mas Elettronica Wireless Modules GSM (MGSM), UMTS (MUMTS) or WiFi

• Audio in

• Audio Out

• Connection to LIPO Battery 3,6 V with integrated battery charger

Carrier Board Embedded MCBE



Data brief


Flexible CPU board with optimal price/performance ratio based on Atmel AT91SAM9M10 processor- The SOM can be employed in industrial, automotive, video surveillance, infotainment, advertisement and electronic payment applications.


Main technical characteristics:

• CPU Atmel AT91SAM9M10@ARM926EJ-S at 400Mhz

• Nand Flash up to 1Gbyte

• DDR2 RAM up to 256Mbyte

• Interfaccia SD HS/HC su connettore Sodimm

• 24 bit (3.3V) LCD interface

• Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

• USB ports on SODIMM connector:

• - 2 interfaccie USB HS 2.0

• - One USB OTG

• 4 wire resistive Touch Screen interface on SODIMM connector

• Digital Image Sensor interface on SODIMM connector

• I2S Audio Interface

• Integrated HW Video Decoder

• CPU Boot from Flash NAND

• Power Supply voltage 3.3V

• Temperature range -20°C +85°C

• Board dimensions 67.6 mm x 40.0 mm

Linux Embedded Kernel 2.6.32

Angstrom linux ready




NMT9263 is a SODIMM CPU module based on Atmel AT91SAM9263 at 200MHz that supports Windows CE and Linux Kernel 2.6.xx. Its low power consumption keeps it suitable for battery operated hand-held applications.

Data brief


Main technical characteristics:

• Processor Arm 926ej a 200 Mhz

• Graphic co-processor available on external CPU bus

• 4 MB NOR Flash memory

• 128 MB NAND Flash memory

• 64 or 128 MB SDRAM

• Ethernet 10/100Mbit/s

• SODIMM 200 pin connector

• Dimension 67.6 mm x 40.0 mm




Data brief


The SOM MC9260 supports two Atmel CPUs AT91SAM9260 and AT91SAMG20 and offers two expansion slots to connect GSM/UMTS and ZigBee modules. It is particularly suitable for industrial and automotive applications.


Main technical characteristics:

• CPU AtmelAT91SAM9260 e AT91SAMG20 a 200/400 Mhz

• Nand Flash up to 1Gbyte

• SDRAM up to128 Mbyte

• SD HS/HC interface on µSD connector

• Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

• 1 USB Device

• 1 USB Host 1.1on Mini-Usb connector

• CPU boot from NAND Flash, or spi flash.

• Board dimensions 96 x 78mm

• Industrial input voltage range 9-36V

• Industrial temperature range -20ºC to +85ºC

• OS Linux 2.6.32

• Angstrom linux ready

• Aditional Modules

• MGSM (GSM module)

• MUMTS (UMTS module)

• MZigbee (Zigbee Module)




MGSM is Quad Band GSM module designed to carry a Sierra Wireless WISMO228 modem. The board carries also a mini-PCI connector allowing the usage of UMTS, HDSPA or HSUPA modules.

Data brief


Main technical characteristics:

• Integrated SIM Card connector

• I/O control

• Serial and USB interface

• Reset signal is available

• Board dimensions 57 x 32mm

• PCB Customizzation are possible under request




Data brief


TTL video to RGB o LVDS conversion board conversion board designed to be connected to CPU Raptor module to get different video standard outputs.


Main technical characteristics:

• RGB interface supports up to 1024 x 768 resolution

• Up to 24bit wide LVDS interface

• TTL output to connect small size LCDs

• Control inputs for brightness control and On/Off function

• 3,3V 5V and 12V input voltage



CPU Raptor

CPU module designed with Marvell RISC PXA270 32-bit XScale®. This Board carries an on board FPGA that gives a maximum I/O versatility to the system.

Main technical characteristics:

• CPU Marvell PXA270 at 400 Mhz

• Strata flash up to 32Mbyte

• RAM Sdram up to 64Mbyte

• Integrated SD connector.

• LCD 24 bit (3,3V) interface.

• Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

• 4 USB FS 1.1

• on board FPGA for I/O customization.

• Power 9-36V

• Board dimensions 124 x 160mm

• Temperature -20 + 85


OS Linux 2.6.28

Additional modules:

• LVDS interface for LCD

• RGB module for analog monitor

CPU Raptor



Data brief


Powerful CPU module made with Samsung ARM1176 S3C6410 microprocessor. This SOM offers a great flexibility due to its

Main technical characteristics:

• CPU Samsung S3C6410 at 600 Mhz

• NAND Flash up to 1Gbyte

• Low Power DDR RAM up to 256Mbyte

• SD interface on Board-to-Board connector

• 24 bit (3.3V) LCD interface

• Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s

• CAN Bus 2.0

• 4-wire Touch Screen interface on board

• 1 USB OTG port

• 2 USB High Speed 2.0 port

• CPU boot from SD and Flash

• Board dimensions 80mm x 60mm

• Power 9-36V

• Temperature -20 + 85

OS Linux 2.6.xx

Android 2.1



Android Froyo 2.2 Industrial console

Main technical characteristics:

• CPU module MCDM37

• Display 5,7” Hitachi (640 x 480), Ampire 7" (800x480)

• Resistive touch screen

• Back Panel USB OTG connector

• Back Panel RJ45 Ethernet Reset connector

• Integrated WiFi module

• Integrated 2W speaker

• Integrated GPRS/UMTS module

• Back Panel DB9 RS232 CPU debug port connector

• Back Panel 12V power Jack connector

CPU Raptor CPU Raptor

CPU Raptor