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Technical Specs

  • Silicon Motion 502 embedded GPU
  • Mini PCI 33/66 MHz, 32 bit, 124 pin
  • max 64 MB DDR memory
  • 200 Mhz DAC
  • Up to 1280x1024 resolution with programmable PLL
  • 128-bit 2D graphic engine
  • Supports seven layers of display frames (2 hardware cursors, primary graphics, video, video alpha, alpha, and secondary graphics)
  •  VGA port, 15 pin
  •  18/24 bit TFT panel interface
  •  Dual display for mirror mode or extended mode
  •  Hardware assist video playback
  •  Proprietary hardware screen rotation
  •  16-bit ITU601/656 Zoom Video port interface (YUV, digital RGB), Scaling, CSC
  • TV Encoder interface
  • Realtek AL655 AC'97 audio Codec, line in/out mic
  • USB 1.1 host/device header
  • Power consumption < 500mW
  • PCB Size 51 x 59 mm


Operating Systems

The Eye Motion card is based on the Silicon Motion 502 Mobile Multimedia Companion Chip device.

The 2D engine has front-end color space conversion with 4:1 and 1:8 scaling support. The video engine supports two different video outputs (Dual Monitor) at 8, 16, or 32-bit per pixel and a 3-color hardware cursor per video output. The LCD Panel video pipe supports back-end YUV color space conversion with 4:1 and 1:212 scaling. A ZV port is also included as an interface for external circuitry for MPEG decoding or TV input.












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