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Technical Specs

  • MiniITX Form Factor (17x17 cm)
  • CPU PowerPC 440ep SoC
    • Integrated DDR 266 memory controller
    • Integrated PCI controller
    • Integrated Flash memory devices controller
    • Integrated USB 1.1 Host and 2.0 Device controller
    • 2 integrated Ethernet 10/100 ports
    • Up to 4 serial ports
    • 2 I2C interfaces
    • SPI interfaces
    • 64 pin for I/O General Purpose
  • 512 MB DDR soldered onboard (or in alternative a DDR DIMM 100 slot, max 512 MB)
  • USB 2.0 OHCI/EHCI NXP PCI controller
  • Audio Cirrus Logic CS4281 and Realtek ALC655 Codec
  • Silicon Image 4 Serial ATA ports
  • ATI RADEON Mobility M9 with 64mb RAM graphic chip
  • Pericom 8150B PCI Bridge
  • FPGA Lattice XP with 80 pin I/O expansion connector
  • PCI Slot - 32 bits, 33 Mhz
  • mini PCI Slot - 32 bits, 33 Mhz (optional)
  • RTC with backup battery
  • UBoot 1.3.1

Please note, technical specifications may vary without notice


The packaging includes:

  • one Sam440ep board complete with 512MB DDR RAM and metallic heatsinks on both cpu and gfx chip
  • 2 SATA data cable
  • one DVI to VGA converter
  • printed user manual

Operating Systems

The following Operating Systems are available or under development:

Note: This product is out of production.


Sam440ep is a PowerPC modular motherboard engineered and produced by ACube Systems and it is totally made in Italy.

The main features of this board are:

  • low power consumption
  • passive cooling
  • scalability

The core of the board is the PowerPC 440EP, a System On Chip (SoC) produced by Applied Micro under license from IBM.

One of the main features of the Applied Micro PowerPC 440EP is the presence, together with the CPU, of a number of integrated peripherals. This allowed us to build a complete system with a huge savings of both development and debug time, with less components and space used on the PCB. This also results in a significant cost reduction for the customer.

As a consequence the northbridge/southbridge combination is not present on the board. Part of their functionalities are built into the CPU.

For the specific model of CPU mounted on the Sam board, the 440EP, we have the following integrated peripherals:

  • DDR memory controller
  • PCI controller
  • USB 1.1 host and USB 2.0 device controller
  • 2 Ethernet 10/100 ports
  • Up to 4 serial ports
  • 2 I2C interfaces
  • SPI interface
  • 64 pins for General Purpose I/O

The 440EP chip has a size of 35x35 mm, with a PBGA packaging (456 balls). It is built with CMOS (0.13 um) technology, has a very low power consumption (only 3 Watts at 533Mhz) and it does not require any active cooling system.

Custom configurations are possible for industrial customers, by adding/removing the following components:

  • ccTalk connector
  • SATA connectors
  • VGA header
  • DVI connector
  • LVDS connector
  • SmartMedia slot

Together with a board you must purchase a copy of AmigaOS 4.1 for Sam440ep.

All prices excluding local taxes and shipping costs from Italy. For European countries, Italian VAT (21%) is applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sam440ep is RoHS. rohs.gif
  • We strongly suggest to use only DIMM 100, DDR400, 512 Mb 32 bits modules with Nanya chips.
  • Note that Sam does not need any additional graphics card.

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